The European Educational Researcher

Education and Training of Librarians for National Integration and Development in Nigeria

The European Educational Researcher, Volume 1, Issue 1, June 2018, pp. 43-55
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Librarians are continuously expected to update their job knowledge and renew their job related skills to enable them compete effectively in our changing society. These professionals are also expected to acquire extensive education and training to enable them function properly and be productive in their organisations. Agreeably, for librarians to integrate and develop a nation like Nigeria, sustained efforts must be made by pulling acquired knowledge and skills into practice for quality service delivery, which is now the hall-mark of international best practices. This paper assesses the educating and training of librarians for national integration and development. It discussed the concept education and training. It further highlighted programmes as well as course contents for the educating and training of librarians. It concluded that the performance index of librarians through education and training will enable them to acquire the competencies needed to render appropriate and quality services in libraries in Nigeria. The paper recommended that education and training of librarians should be more of practicum and that librarians must acquire computer and internet literacy.
Educating librarians, National development and integration, Training librarians, Nigerian librarians
Eyo, E. B., Afebende, G. B., & Nkanu, W. O. (2018). Education and Training of Librarians for National Integration and Development in Nigeria. The European Educational Researcher, 1(1), 43-55.
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