1. 1
    Student Teachers’ Assessments Involving Three Role Groups: Challenges and Possibilities
    Download: EUER#V1-2-2_BHATNAGAR
    Download: 30, size: 474.1 KB, date: 15.Oct.2018
  2. 2
    Cultivating an Informed Empathy: An Aspiring Teacher Examines his Talk and Actions
    Download: EUER#V1-2-4_GOMEZ
    Download: 16, size: 610.9 KB, date: 15.Oct.2018
  3. 3
    Development of Methodical Materials for Teaching of Modern Physics
    Download: EUER#V1-2-11_RODRIGUEZ
    Download: 20, size: 655.7 KB, date: 15.Oct.2018